Report User spamming on ATC frequency

Hello, today I was flying from VHHH to VHHH (Round Trip), at the begining of the flight, there are a people blocking me at the gate by using a 748, when I was ready to takeoff, the 748 block the runway, after I takeoff, that guy online as ZGGG ATC, and keep spamming me!!!
Video Here:[0]=68.ARA2Yo5M2oBt2cMroWCcW5vmeAC2ke2Jojjt109GRbVPSKvFBaxloxZ98rR2GJFis_BEi_SHCbYoVyTnPqrGW9g8FlafC8RNDJdTzxfstXgYVJeyUr5ArY44050ca4RpQnAOvmsk3aR66WApMPj1-_i4C1L30W7kME2-eCxfEdt0GQSSfBA-LDko2qSsgmksqpanojL7vxItBfVFrx3iLpXQZBaUGmMvQrx5pz6H18CDDae4f8bHIj2th5DwZMlHm8AN0bcphoEqfooICNtienO7J6WKaIx8BPMAoNzmegnc-pUrEvgO3SrzxxTQ7XJUsxtwAZ9ich9cUgCHx26rgBPsST2p-VCd5glMQQ

It is a facebook live stream, so the link is a little bit long

Was this on expert server?

Training server

Then theres unforfunately nothing we can do about It.

Since this is training server, there will always be inexperienced people, trolls, or people that are just simply ignorant that will do annoying things to you.
You cant really do anything about this.
Sorry you had to experience this!

He never got ghosted.
He wanted to report an ATC that was spamming him

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