Report to this guy 😑

Hi. Today, when i arrived at LAX, I found this person doing these very unpleasant things. He passed other planes in front of him and crossed the runway while another plane took off. he did not use unicom. I leave below the video of what happened (this happens in expert server)

Hey there! If this isn’t the Expert Server, there isn’t much we can do about this kind of behavior.

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What @anon9524891 said. Sorry!

Can you specify what server this was on? If it was Training or Casual there isn’t much that can be done unfortunately.

Expert server

Sorry you had to experience that. Mabye you can find whoever did that on ifc.

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Hello, this is not Expert sever, so we can not do anything about it. All we have to do is just leave it behind, and go with it. I recommend not fly into those busy airports.

Even on Expert, there isn’t much we can do if there is no IFATC. If they were morally offensive is any way, feel free to PM @moderators

Hey mate! This problem was on expert server :)

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I see. This you can resolve with the mods here @moderators

yeah you should try and find him on IFC and message him or try ans see if the @moderators can help

There is not much you can do if you don’t know his IFC name.

They don’t need that. They can look up by username in the app

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Ah yes, I remember they do that.

What moderator I can contact to solve this problem?

I watched that and that is horrible. A perfect reminder that grade 4 and 5 are not always better

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Just do it here @moderators

Thx mate :)

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Actually can’t tell if this was an accidental spawn on expert
Although I would usually 100% at the gate on casual so…

@DIEGO11 what were you doing though…