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Hi guys,
I was controlling Los Angeles ground, there is one guy who is creating mess, he’s being sending “stand by” message since I’m controlling the ground, on an average he sent almost 100-200 messages of stand by, because of his unusual behaviour my other commands to other aircraft are getting delayed. Please take necessary action. I don’t know it’s just coincidence or what, I observe most of the guys or “pilots” who is flying F16 or F22 raptor are the one who creats mess at the airport or server. I’m sharing the details of the guy, attached to screenshot.
Thank you

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Unfortunately, as it is training server LAX, there will be trolls. If you think there’s a severe incident that requires action be taken, please contact @moderators and be prepared to share your replay(s).

Sorry about this!


If you want to control on the professional server be sure to take a look at this:

Good luck


That’s training server for you 😂

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I wouldn’t say that, there are certainly trolls, definitely on a smaller scale though. But we have more tools to deal with them, also known as a free weeklong vacation to the training server.


Thanks alot mate, I’m having one level 2 violation, as the minimum waiting period over, I’m gonna apply for this for sure.:-)

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This happens a lot, a few days ago I was controlling EGLL tower, there was someone spamming me with Thank You over and over, sad

Was he flying fighter jet?

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Oh yes he was😂

I have observed this alot, that’s why I closely observe fighter jet guys…most of the time they are the one who creates all mess😂😂😂

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I don’t get it, casual exists for a reason…


I wish IFATC could control at trn server
To get ppl like this guy off of it…

Yup… this happens too often on TS… unfortunately… KLAX is dangerous on TS

I would just recommend to avoid airports like EGLL KLAX as those are always busy on TS

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