Report Rude Pilots on Ground

Good Morning! I was wondering about how to report rude pilots on Ground, as every week I see some people skipping the basic rules on different airports: (passing through other airplanes, taxing out of taxilines to depart before other pilots that are waiting for their turns, and more). ATC Ground should be aware of this a report them as is commonly seen on Air, however, these rude players keep doing whatever they want on Ground.

Please consider a solution for these annoying situations so we can keep growing this amazing community.


Which server did you notice this, if its casual or training its quite likely expected…


Hello there! Sorry you’ve had to encounter these issues, unfortunately, if ATC is not present, only IFATC Supervisors and Moderators are able to report these players if they are found to have violated any rules and regulations that there may be. That said, this is only applicable to the Expert Server only, with the Training Server not having reports allowed to controllers.

If you are encountering this on the Expert Server, my recommendation is to approach @moderators with any concerns you have, and if it’s on the Training Server, then I’m sorry, but it’s how it is. People are learning, and mistakes are to be made, hence the name “Training Server”.


Hello guys, thanks for your support. This is happening on the Expert Server which I use always. What i’m looking for with this request is to find a final solution to stop these rude behaviors, and not contacting the support team each time we see this violations.


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