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Hello fellow infinite flight flyers, I have a question about reports. If you get reported but the Infinite Flight staff don’t ghost you, does your report still get counted? Because ATC can report anyone for anything and your grade can still go down because of the report count limit

IFATC are trained, skilled and have strict orders to abide by which includes having evidence to justify ghosts.


But there’s always something called human error

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Maybe he could have forgotten to say something or missed a command or anything like that

Pilot error (speeding, maneuvers and blatant disregard) will surely lead to being ghosted but if it’s a communication error then IFATC will work with the pilot.

Bottom line, follow the commands, maintain spacing/separation and fly reasonably and you won’t be ghosted. Doesn’t get any simpler than that.

There’s pilot etiquette topics, a plethora of tutorials for both ATC and Pilot.


I realize that but my main concern is that the report will stay with you for a year even if there is a communication error

This was put in place for good reason. Habitual offenders will be forced off the Expert Server. If you make a mistake then take it as a learning experience but if a Pilot continually breaks the rules and guidelines set forth then it ruins the experience for everyone.


What if your callsign somehow in a way offends an ATC controller and they report you with out asking you anything, you could be grade 2 for a year

Again, the rules and guidelines are quite simple.

  • Fly reasonably with sense and regard for others
  • Don’t use an offensive Callsign (ATC will send you a command to change it if it’s offensive)

Almost all ghosts are avoidable, I strongly suggest you have a look here:

Please don’t post another topic in Support about this, please see Tyler’s linked topic above which covers ghosting!

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