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Let’s say ATC is ATCing at night, and you are flying at night

And ATC makes a mistake and vetors you to a mountain, BUT you have IFA, and then you get
Terrain terrain Pull up pull up, and you do pull up, can ATC report you for “not following Instructions?”

This did not happen to me, I am just wondering

I would just pull up, it isn’t worth crashing and definitely isn’t realistic to just follow the ATC’s instructions in this case.

If you get a Level 3 violation (reported/ghosted) just head into the IFC and shoot a PM to @appeals :)

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If they make a wrong vector you can always say “Unable


Definitely pull away to avoid the obstacle, remember aviate - navigate - communicate. You should however be proactive and if you notice you are approaching terrain, or are going to imminently lose separation you can request an altitude change.


Thank you @Jack5101

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No problem :)

To build off of this, “Unable” should only be used in a situation like this. “Unable” isn’t to be used whenever you don’t feel like doing something.


He is refering to a situation where he reads back then realizes there is terrain ahead.

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Unless your on the ts and atc sometimes dont have a clue or are obviously trolling.
I don’t think iv ever seen any posts on here where atc on ES have vectored someone into the ground so you should be safe

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I don’t think it can hurt for you to pull up. If you don’t, you crash. If you do and ATC reports you, you can definitely appeal it.

I haven’t ran into this ever. However I have disobeyed ATC instructions once, when I was descending, and someone climbed up beneath me, and appeared to be attempting to crash into me. I climbed to get out of the way, before descending again to the assigned altitude. Needless to say the other pilot was ghosted. No one cared about me.

This actually happened to me about 6 months ago before I became IFATC, and I was vectored into a mountain. I pulled up, and the controller realized the mistake, and said “I’m sorry” . Usually if this were to happen, the controller would definitely recognize their mistake

Just remembered, IFATC has terrain charts right?

We must grab it from a third-party source (ex: Jeppesen). The terrain map was discontinued a while back.

I was refering the reqruiement for ATC to familiarize with airport environment before opening actually.

Ah yes, that is correct.

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