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I have a question i am on base and the runway 27L is on my left so i’am on Left base ?

If the RWY you plan to land on is 90 degrees to your left then that is Left Base. If it it 90 degrees to your right then it is Right Base.

Assuming you’re where I drew that circle, then your’re Left Base, if you turn 90 degrees to your left and land on the RWY nearest to you. In the picture shown as RWY 19.

I hope this helped. If you have further questions, please do ask them :)


so why tower said please check tutorial , and some one else is on left downwind i said fedex… is on leftdownwind runway 27L fullstop i said the same think like me

Was this on Training or Expert?

expert in EGLL

On Expert, if you’re already cleared to land. Let’s say ATC tells you to enter Left Base RWY 27L at LHR then you don’t need to say your position as ATC already knows.

i was just coming in the frequency

ATC will tell you to follow a specific aircraft and tell you about their position, so you know who’s in front of you and where you’re positioned in the landing queue.

Quite possibly because you don’t need to be reporting your position if in contact with Tower already. Once you have called inbound for landing, there is no need to be reporting your position - Tower knows where you are.

i was coming in the frequency i said Lufthansa 9878 is on left base runway 27L full stop thats all

When you first make contact with ATC, you ask for landing at any or a specific runway. They’ll tell you to land either on your requested one or the runway they think suits the best for traffic to flow flawlessly. If there is a plane ahead of you landing on the runway you are supposed to land at then they’ll say enter Left Base in your case behind the aircraft on Final for an example.

Well, that’s what you did wrong. When you join the frequency, call inbound for landing. Don’t report your position.

If handed off by Approach, you call “inbound on the ILS/GPS/Visual”. If no Approach, you call “Inbound for landing”, and request a specific runway if you want.

That’s not quite a correct thing to say.

If you’re Left Base RWY 27L, then you contact TWR and say that you want to land at LHR, any or a specific runway, and from there they’ll give you further instructions.

but the call inbound is not at the start of the red approch ?

Oh, well if you got transitioned from Approach then you just ask say that you’re On Visual Landing RWY 27L, in your case, nothing more. No position is needed to report.

The correct call would have been “Lufthansa 9878, inbound on the visual runway 27L”.

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I’ll leave this to @Captain_JR!


ah so if the don’t have approch i report my postion ?

Thanks, although you’re IFATC, so you know better than me, most likely ;)