Report Pilot

Why can’t Atc report pilots on the Atc playground just like other pilots do?


I asked the same question the other day, You have to be Advanced ATC or reply on other pilots to report him/her.

It would likely be abused by controllers.
That’s the main issue ((:

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Also, pilots are learning on the playground along with the controllers.

You can report them it just takes three reports before they are ghosted.

But you can’t report them in Atc only pilot.

You can report as ATC it just doesn’t give you confirmation that’s what happen

How? I have never seen it?

There is a report button in the ATC menu

But it says controller rating to low?

Can you send a screen shot to me so I can do it?

Only advanced Atc.

Okay I will try again and let you know thanks.


It says controller rating to low

For example if I hit it 3 time they will ghost

Please check out this Post:

It’s about reporting mis-behaving Pilots, both as a Pilot and a Controller