Report person

Dear Mods or people who read this thread.

If a pilot TROLLS, how can you request that person to be banned? As soon as possible, since that pilot makes the airport itself hostile/dangerous with his taxing and spamming?

And if you, THE TROLLER, reads this. You need Jezus…


The report button was disabled, and not all trolls are caught and reported. What server was this on? TS is just TS and likely nothing will be done if it was on TS.

Hi there. For next time please refrain from using names included in images or in your topic. A quick pm would do the trick to a mod. ;)

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Definitely looked like TS.

Move to expert. Professionalism at least is a tad bit better over there.


It’s training server for a reason most pilots on TS don’t have much of an idea of how to act… Work to get on expert. And the username isn’t something to be reported as we don’t know if they mean it to be disrespectful, or honouring/remembering the crash so🙂 and as for him spamming the frequency, i suggest getting to join IFATC where stuff like that doesn’t happen 👍


I understand that, however, by becoming an IFATC you need to do trainings… You can’t do that on the expert server, but only on the TS…

Saying that I have to dodge the big hubs and were the most traffics are is not a suitable or usefull phrase on this thread… Since this Airport was in the middle of nowhere… The only reason why people went to this airport is because I mentioned on the my ATC tracking Thread.

The only way that pilot came to that airport was by looking at my thread, therefore I want to request a ban… @Nicholas_Henry and @TaipeiGuru were there also…


Well, not there’s a plot twist in this.

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So they must be browsing without an account, or an IFC user… 🧐

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Oh you’re looking from an atc perspective? I thought you meant as a pilot.

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No. doesn’t mean the person has an IFC account. Could be their home airport, could be their favourite airport. They don’t have to be on thr ifc.

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Thanks for the advice, however, this is because the person is also active on IFC, therefore I put the name and picture :-). Nonetheless, I can PM a mod, but will they take action directly?

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Nah, going from OPKC (which is in Pakistan) to VVNB (Vietnam)… Nope, this pilot just looked at my thread and respawned there :-)… Once I said it on the thread that I was open there…

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The name putting it out there even with them on the forum can be embarrassing and expose like behavior. Just my perspective.

Well, this may sound bitter… But take responsibilties for your action… That is also what I am doing and also have to do for the things I did.

Spamming and trolling at an aiport where somebody is training, isn’t pleasant for the ATC and the other pilots…

Not for your run-of-the-mill nuisances. Racism, other forms of offensive content, abuse, etc, but not spamming (probably).

If you know they are active on the IFC a simple message to them would be totally reasonable. A topic is not so much of a reasonable thing to do since you put them on the spotlight in front of many people. I wouldn’t want someone putting my name all over something that I did “wrong” and apologize in front of everyone as that can be embarrassing and put a bad reputation on someone.

We’d have to catch this happening at the right moment (while the actor is doing this) and then we can alert a staff member. If you can just spawn at another airport.