Report on live

Can I report someone on live, TS server? I’m being trolled.

No I’m sorry but you cant. If their on the IFC you can PM them but not really anything else

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No report/ghosting are only enforced on EXpert server

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Smh. I’m doing T&G’s for Grade 5 and I’m scared to go to expert. Guess I’ll just have to deal with it. If ur trolling Playr Mar @ KSAN/KNZY , PLEASE STOP AND FIND SOMETHING BETTER TO DO.

Why don’t you go to an uncontrolled airport on Expert and do your patterns there? Or just switch to a different airport to loose the troll.

EDIT: Also, don’t be afraid of flying at a controlled airport on Expert. At IFATC we aren’t monsters with the sole aim of making your flight experience horrible, but we actually welcome it if you fly patterns for us, especially with the airspaces that have less traffic. As long as you follow the instructions and know what you are doing you’ll be fine. It’ll make your flying experience more fun in my opinion, and you will also do the controller a favour. 😉

If you have any questions about anything, feel free to PM me.

jakcharvat, IFATC Officer


Pilots and ATC on Training have to deal with idiots from time to time.
When this happens, and it doesn’t stop: go somewhere else. Don’t let it effect your day.

Why are you scared to go to Expert? I agree with Jakub here, we’re not a bad bunch at Expert. Just follow the rules and be considerate. If you don’t know the rules, then…learn them! 😊
See you there!?


Reporting users is only done through the expert server and very rarely done on any other server.

If the pilot trolling on the Training Server is utilizing a callsign that you may deem inappropriate or offensive, it’s best to PM a staff member or moderator as this is in violation of the TOS.

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