Report on expert server into and NICE France

So this is very unfair because I was on my approach into NICE on expert and I forgot to start decent I left the iPad going and I had not even contacted ATC yet and I was circling the airport at 35,000 feet where no one else was. I find this very unfair because I didn’t have any time to react and contact ATC they just wen ahead and ghosted me up at 35,000 feet when I had not even contacted ATC and in real life airspace’s don’t go up that high so that’s even more false stuff right there
Also want to point out that I would have been on Nice center because I’m above 18,000 feet and that’s class alpha airspace

Please contact your controller privately you can find the controller name on

You can check your logbook for controller name, if you still struggling to find the controller on IFC drop the name here and someone will help you our

@Julius97 Shall sort it out with you via PM.

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@Captain_North_Caroli Also please allow some time for the controller to respond as he is currently in a session

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