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Recently, I departed from UUEE. And I heard that someone was ready to take off from the wrong runway - ok, many people can’t understand which runway is using for take off and landing. But that dude did mad things. What he did?? Is it a kid or something? I started to see these people more often. Why he can’t go to Casual Server and make fun there or spamming in ATC there too? And I can’t report any pilots on ES.

So why we can’t report any people on Expert Server? They even can hidden their nicknames or username etc.

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I totally understand your anger, but please imagine what’s gonna happen if everyone is able to report someone else. Maybe you can use your replay and send it to the mods, so they can handle the situation. Otherwise: relax and don’t let em ruin your day :).

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Actually people going for opposite runways probably happens quite often on ES, given that some people use best runway for wind and some check for active runway on fr24/flightaware. So in general I wouldn’t say there is an offense unless a close call occurs as a result.

That being said, doing 180s is not ok.

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I feel your pain.

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Sorry to hear you that had a bad experience on the ES. I just wanted to add onto this:

For this reason we have a number of highly trained controllers which are trained to deal with these situations and issue reports as needed. IFATC controllers are given guidance upon joining about how reports work and although I understand that there was no ATC present by the moment of this issue, giving pilots that aren’t trained as ATC or haven’t been taught about issuing reports, wouldn’t be a good idea as the reports system would get abused by most of them.

As @Black_Bird said, you can PM the moderators about the situation.


Any moderators can do something to this situation?

I agree with him, but why does the IF not select and train qualified players to deal with these little worries?

They actually do. Moderators, staff, and ATC Supervisors can issue reports while flying. In this case, unfortunately, none of those people were at the airport where this incident happened. If the pilot continues to behave poorly, they’re bound to be caught at some point though.

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