Report - No controlled response

No controller response …:/

Sory for my bad English …

They have a life. Be patient. That’s a big part in talk to controllers about issues. I know it’s been a long wait. But constantly messaging them doesn’t do much. Contact a mod, they can work wonders. Also this doesn’t belong in #support belongs in #live :)


3-4 days passed :(

Then surely contact a mod as i stated. It’s best to contact them within a week of the incident.

It was only a day ago! Be patient, not everybody spends their whole life on here though I think I spend most of mine.

Also, please don’t post replies saying stuff like “hello” to get their attention or to bump your thread, you’ll just get the thread closed.

I recommend you add a mod to the conversation, just to get something sped up a bit (if you want).


Sorry there @Alphadog4646, I didn’t realise you put that, I seem to have repeated you slightly.

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It has been exactly 3 days since contact with the controller …

It was only 13 hours ago that you last messaged them, and only a day since they last replied. Depending on there time zone they may not have been awake for the better part of that, or they may have just not checked in here in a bit, because, well we all have lives, and you really can’t blame someone who is volunteering there time to do us all a service for not being on the community at the same time. Calm down, they’ll get back to you. Patience my friend. Also if you feel there is a serious problem with a controller then you would want to message Tyler Shelton, he is in charge of these things, no need to make a topic. Though no need to message him here…


Can you take a screenshot now of when he last replied? 🙃 You seem to have confused us all.

Yep I think we are all just repeating each other here. Nothing helpful about this. Make sure you add something useful to a topic when you post!

By my deduction it has only been a day since last contact. In the pictures first contact was 3 days ago, the date of the alleged incident, so the pictures must be fairly recent…

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Here you can see that the first contact attempt was 3 days ago: D … If it was about 13h vogule I would not start the topic: D

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Ok… Starting to make more sense now. It is a bit confusing how it was phrased. I think we should just leave it as this statement… If 5 days pass since first contact then as mentioned you should add a moderator to the PM. :)

Also talking to someone as a controller, when you’ve ghosted them puts a heck of a lot of pressure on you. You feel bad but sometimes you just have to man up and reply in the right manner…


He hasn’t been very active very recently, I will shoot him a DM via the Plane And Pilot Slack to let him know, hope this gets resolved!


He was last seen 20hrs ago. I’ll give him a ring to see what the deal is.

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