Report mistake before takeoff

hi guys,

so few minutes ago, I was instructed to enter on runway 1L at SFO (Expert server) but the app was freezing everytimes to update the notams.
So to the eyes of other players, I was desapering every 5-7 minutes.
So I’ve been reported by ATC TWR …then I lost my grade…
I was still on the runway but the app was freezing on me…

my callsign: airborne_971
I was a 321 of frontier flight with a flight plan to Denver
I use an Ipad mini 2
now i’m grade 2

Who was your ATC? U can contact and PM him to discuss what happened

Also if your game was freezing that often then if u haven’t done this,do this now.
Restart device
Reinstall app

I think that would help get rid of the game freezes

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It was IFATC-LennyD but I can’t find him in the IF community

ok I will do it, thx

He is in my VA(DLVA)
I can contact him right now and tell him to start discussing this with you

Here. Gotcha buddy, PM me plz