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Hi Everyone

So say I see a player, who is Air Force 1, username President Joe Biden, who is ignoring all ATC instruction, and is flying in, landing, turning around, and departing again, ATC is trying to do stuff, but to no avail. Is the former a reason to get a violation on TS or not? Replay can be made available in like 5 hours after my flight.
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You can contact @moderators with a replay and they can sort it out from there:)

Thanks guys

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It is TS I believe as you mentioned correct? If it is there really isnt anything that you can do since it is TS and pilots most likely wont follow instructions especially in highly populated airports. For a better experience come join us on the ES it is more organized and not such a pain :)

I was grade 3 but when they updated the Grades, yet again, I was kicked out, this flight and maybe some pattern work should kick me back in, still want to try and get this dude reported for being a expletive.


Like I said since its the TS there probably isnt anything they can do about it

Thanks for the report. Level 2 and 3 violations on the training server are reserved for severe cases and action will not be taken at this time.

For the best experience on the training server, I suggest avoiding large hub airports and keeping up your situational awareness.