Report Le tower

Reporter: Ifatc lupo sanvito: my Name:Lufthansa14

You reported me. In my opinion, this is not correct. You have’nt sent a warning that I should stop repeating a radio message. I thought you didn’t notice it. I didn’t want to block traffic. that’s why I repeated the message. can you please remove the report. Thank you.

@Lupo_Sanvito is your controller. He will get to you when they’re available.

Speculation is not needed and therefore the topic is to be closed as soon as possible.


No need to publicly bash someone either. They’re just doing their job. Please be civil and kind.

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Do be patient too. Spamming a controller is a ghostable offence and he would’ve gotten to you.

Controller has been tagged. @Lupo_Sanvito please PM the pilot as they are new and cannot initiate a PM at this time.