Report Issue

I am a die hard Infinite Flight member…but, I am upset about a recent report I received. In the years I have been playing…I have never received a report before. Now, that report is adversely impacting me!!! I was on an unfamiliar airport, taxied the wrong the direction, inadvertently crossed a runway, and turned onto the grass to avoid the runway incursion. No warning, no violation…just straight to a report. I am hoping you can look into this…and, that you might consider removing it. I am working hard to get to Grade 4. Thank you for your time!

Please check your logbook and tell us who your controller was. We’ll direct them to you.

Hey mate, welcome back to the IFC.
First of all, could you please tell us who the controller is who reported you? We could then notify him/her so he/she could explain to you what you did wrong.
You can see who reported you via you logbook,
Thanks for your co-operation :)

Or the OP can message @reports and sort it that way…

Forgot about that, if you can’t find the guy/girl who reported you. Please send a message to @reports and they’ll sort it out for you

Since we like to say the same thing over and over for no reason. Send a PM to @reports. Be ready to share your replay file.