Report Inquiry

I was doing my final and my ATC vectoring me askbme to turn right 050 that didn’t align me to the right runway then he ghosted me after I had check my map an I was trying to align myself he should be ghosted for not knowing his proper vectors now I have to be stuck in level 2 while he gets his way on level 3 developers can anyone work this out


You were reported by @anon99845028;

Please send him a direct message to discuss the report.

He has also been notified and will talk to you regarding the report as soon as possible.

Thanks for your understanding.


Is there any way my ghost violating be revoked since there is the proof my ATC was not doing a proper job handling my approach

Moderators & staff members are able to reverse the report if deemed appropriate.

Your controller will go into more detail about the appeal process when they reply to you in direct message.

Feel free to add @reports to the private message if you’d like a moderator/staff member to review the report.