Report IFATC user


I don’t want to discuss a report, I would like to kindly and anonymously report an IFATC controller for unacceptable controlling.

Who should I privately contact?

Thanks, guys!



Go into your replays and you should be able to see who your controller was. Try to DM them.

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Tim, it appears you didn’t read the post.

@SB110, send a message to @Tyler_Shelton if you had an issue with an IFATC controller.

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I don’t think it would hurt to also message the user in question. It is always possible there has been a miscommunication 🤷

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Thank you, I will contact Tyler.

Ok! @Dan_77 has a point though, only message Tyler if it is absolutely necessary. Maybe contact the controller first and get their side of the story.

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I would actually suggest maybe you message the controller. This actually happened to me here today but I privately pm’ed him and he conceded and apologized.

I feel your annoyance but it’s always better to message them to hear from their side😊.


I have very good reasons that should be kept private for me to head immediately to Tyler. This controller is putting other pilots at great risk and is not controlling up to standards expected from an IFATC controller.

IFATC Supervisors are also able to process your feedback while keeping a ton of tasks off of Tyler’s plate. If you feel the need to go to a superior, you may also ask for a supervisor, who will be able to assist you as much as Tyler would. :)

Of course, contacting the controller directly is also an option if you’d like to take that route.


Exactly. Staff like Tyler as you would imagine already have so much on their plate.🙃

Roger that, @Luke_M has messaged me. I will discuss with him.

Thanks everyone for your help! I know this is a topic you probably have never seen, but I needed to know what the right to do is.

This can be closed.

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