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I would like to report 2 glitches. One when your atc and using the vectoring tool you can send vector messages to people outside of your frequency even if they are not on your frequency. Also on the 737-700 when you click short final you get flaps 40 and flaps 40 is not usually used unless in a special case they usually use flaps 30.

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The flaps settings are that the real aircraft has whether or not they are used often is another circumstance not related to what it needs to be developed with. If the real plane doesn’t have it then fair enough.

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The first you can drag and get a Vector but it doesn’t send to an aircraft as there is no send option available unless they are on the frequency. This is by design. The second is also by design, if they bother you make a feature request. Since both of these are by design this isn’t a support category topic.

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Actually heres my proof

Do you know if they receive the command or not?

Does that happen everytime? Or just one time occurance? That is a glitch I haven’t seen at all.

It happens Everytime

Have you uninstalled and re installed the app?

That’s proof that you sent it but not that they received it.

The bigger question is why would you consistently send commands to planes not on your frequency? There’s a simple fix to that which requires no change to the code.

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So a plane accidentally left my frequency as i was pressing send to vector him to final and it still sent so i tried to see if it glitched and it did then i did an on guard and we were set and i finally vectored him switched him to tower

But that doesn’t answer the essential question:

Do they hear it?

If they don’t hear it, it doesn’t matter and there’s no reason to worry about it.

Think about this in real world terms. An ATC can speak to any plane in the world. But if that plane isn’t on the frequency, they’re not gonna hear it.

Unless the plane not on your frequency gets the command, there’s nothing wrong. [And, again, your video doesn’t show that they do.]

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