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Infinite Flight, I have a bug report. My IF crashes mid flight, and I tried doing new flights, but it’s still crashing. Can you guys fix the bug please? Thanks!

Hello. I’m sorry to hear you’re having issues. Would you mind providing more information about the crashes you are experiencing. (When do they happen, what device, what mode?) Just stating that it’s crashing doesn’t really help when it comes to fixing them. Thanks!

If you have an Apple device, the developers/staff are aware of a crashing issue. Support Staff Leader Sebastian posted this topic less than a week ago: Regarding increased crash rate on iOS

If you are able to assist, follow the instructions located in the above link. Sorry you are experiencing this, but rest assured, the IF Team will take care of this as soon as they are able once the exact issue is tracked down.


The app crashing has been a constant since 22.8. I guess once the team comes back from holidays, they’ll focus on fixing this annoying issue.

I won’t rest until Seb is called Fearless Leader.


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