Report Forgiveness

Hello, got a report today and not sure if there is any way to state a case. It was my fault but I was confused. I crossed a runway because I’m used to contacting ground upon landing. And the last message I got was actually to “Contact Ground on taxi way”. But there was no ground ATC at the moment, so I thought I guess I’ll just “taxi at my own discretion”. And I crossed a runway when I saw fit, when another plane lined up, not like in the middle of a take off. Then got a report for crossing a runway and immediately got ghosted. My record is pretty clean. Not sure what else to do. Was ghosted by IPP GAVA KING PS09, if that helps at all.

Hello Major Minus! Please pm @Parshava. I was your ground ATC at that time and I was pretty much active 😀


I guess you were on the Expert server and my last ghost was the same error as yours.
I was on OMDB and I had to do a Hold short and I still crossed the runway because I was in my first steps on IF and I did not understand all the terms … the aeronautical vocabulary being in English.
I was already in my third ghost and despite my requests for indulgence from ATC my sanction was confirmed and maintained.
There is therefore little cha, what there is a leniency compared to this report (if it is well rejoiced you then) but beyond that retains above all your faults to improve and master the different orders sent to you by IFATC.
Personally at the end of my fifth ghost I no longer wanted to fly in the expert’s space for fear that a sanction would happen to me and that I would be demote for one year but by dint of training in conference on the forum and flight I have less apprehension to fly in the server expert from the start and this one is even more reassuring than the training where certain orders which are given are sometimes inconsistent and pushes to make errors see to make crashes .
Good luck to you in all cases and good flights.

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Hello @MajorMinus pm me


Controller has been tagged, you can send him a PM 😊