Report for no reason...

So i got reported by ATC because apperantly i spammed the frequency even tho i just sayd i was on base and final at KSEA/ Seatle, i was in a Seatle Seahawks Boeing 747-8 callsign N770BA, if you were the one to report me, please make yourself known and say why you reported me because thanks to you i am now down to grade 2 again…

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Sorry to hear about your ghosting. If you check your logbook you will see who reported you and why. Then you can contact them for clarification.

Happy landings

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At a controlled airport you don’t report where you are.

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@Jeffrey1o2 reported me says my logbook

Well still it isnt concidered spamming

Which is why you were ghosted. Their is no need to report position after being cleared to land. As David said check your logbook and you can pm the controller if you wish.


There is always a reason. Like the others have already said, check the logbook and message the controller. If you’re unable to find the controller, message me and we’ll get it squared away. Thanks for the help and understanding. 🙂