Report for a really cringe reason!

So is Started a Flight in FACT to OMDB .

In ground frequency i requested Cross Runway and then i get an answer like Contact tower?? So i contact Tower and Cross the Runway and then i get a Report i Think it is unfair . Why i get Not a Cross Runway permission of Ground Frequency?

How Can i contact IPP Ifatc Planegeek

Tower can give crossing clearances and was likely responsible for it as agreed upon by the controllers at the airport. A frequency change is not a clearance to cross, you need explicit clearance for that. Contact @PlaneGeek privately to resolve this.


Yeah i know that the frequency Chance is Not a clearance but he Can give me the clearance in the ground Frequency . I asked for permission and he report me without any warning

Again, the controller is the only one that knows what happened. Contact him and he likely will explain why the clearance was not given on the ground frequency.

Okay and i Hope he can explain me why he give me a report without any warning

Hey! in the logbook next to the flight you can see the reason why he ghosted you.

Yeah I see it thank you

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Contact @PlaneGeek