"report final" on ATC tower

Hello everyone.

I’m sorry if the category is wrong, I do not know which category to write, but it is a suggestion.

I’m sorry if it’s a topic that’s already out.

How about adding “report final” or“report 5 miles"to ATC tower?
Because, although I often tower in RJBB of the training server, it is difficult to know when to give the landing permission to the pilot, and there are a lot of people who say “on final” after issuing the landing permission.

Because it is often used in real ATC, I think that it is glad if it is also in IF.

I’m a native Japanese and I’m not good at English, so I use a translation machine to write.


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You can give it whenever you feel it is necessary although there are factors such as sequencing and where the aircraft is in relationship to the other aircraft and the airport. It really all depends. :)


Oh.ok thanks!!

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Also, if you already cleared someone for inbound and the person reports that he/she is on final. Then just use the “Already cleared to land, duplicate” command which you can find in the misc. Messages!


Yes…I know. But I’m not a member of TSATC, and I’m afraid people will get angry when I say it to that person.

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Angry or not, your being the best controller you can. It’s not a matter of keeping them satisfied. Your just doing your part. :)


Is it because I’m Japanese that I’m worried?lol

I always use continue inbound until they ride ILS. And the person who entered the ILS line, in turn, has permission to land.

Thank you guys anyway.

now…how to close this?..

Simply flag it and a moderator will close it for you. :)

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You’re waiting too long. You should clear further out on downwind or base, and re-sequence if necessary.


if the airport is busy I do same. but, RJBB is basically free .that’s why.

No, that’s not the proper procedure and poor technique for that particular situation. Traffic density has nothing to do with the quality of service.

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ok I’ll change my mind. Thank you Trio.

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