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Allow me to reiterate; how would the “system” determine which pilots gave consent?

I’m sure you are not consensual when you report them to a mod or staff. I think that’s self-explanatory now

Formation flights, irl, would be under consent and planned for. Not some random bozo showing up and escorting cargo or pax aircraft on short final.

This argument is completely useless because the points you’re arguing are open ended.

There are a variety of ways to handle a situation like this, either way, that’s not for us to design and implement. It is, however, our business to voice our opinions on the matter.

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Don’t intercept people on expert that you don’t know without asking, especially if they aren’t at cruise.


Thanks trio!

Even if they aren’t at cruise it’s super weird.

You are most correct. But hear me out when I say there is no official way of determining who gave consent vs who didn’t.

The only way to control this would be flying in controlled airspace where controllers will handle the situation via their commands.

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Exactly. This adds to the remarks I made above.

It’s like having police follow your car every morning, its uncomfortable and annoying

Life is all about mindset.

Not even close to applicable. This is an airplane simulator, not the real life and the Bill of Rights. Fly expert where (and I agree) violating spacing rules without “flight of x” in your callsign should be grounds for punishment, or just fly solo.

Okay well having a fighter jet performing an APU inspection during your decent is extremely annoying, it would be just as, if not more uncomfortable in real life, which is what we are going off of here. You don’t find it a bit intrusive, rude, or just weird? Casually being escorted after flying 10+ hrs?

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I think the easiest way, and most appropriate is to contact the pilot directly via PM here at the forum. If this is not possible, you can reach out to one of the moderators.
I always recommend to not expose someone here showing he might have done something wrong. Maybe this wasn’t intentional at all to ruin your flight. in the end it just leads to more anger and frustration for both sides. Have a good day!

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