Report due to faulty internet

Hello I was reported by ATC (Tim Beckmann). I lost audio on my iPad and internet was cutting in and out. I take the sim very serious and would hate to keep a spotty record for a tech glitch

Hi there,

I’ve notified Tim about this and he’ll be in contact with you soon to discuss details about the report.


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If this happens in the first place, you should leave your flight, in order to avoid further violations, ghosts or reports.

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I would need your callsign and display name. I know I did ghost one for unable to communicate, so if that’s you we can take care of it without the PM.

Just let me know your callsign. @amanytx

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This has happened to me before. If it ever does, just quit your flight. If you don’t, it could even cause a downgrading…


If there was a communication issue like there seems there was, the ghost will be removed nonetheless.

If he ever tells me his callsign


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