Report confusion

I recently just took off from Chicago getting home after a long week just trying to relax and play infinite flight. I took off in a crj-900 in route to kcvg. I took off and turned to that direction. I did not go in but got close to kmdw. I was out of the red circle. Then a second later I was reported. I believe this is false. Is there someone I can talk to? Because I am really mad about this.

Who reported you? Check your logbook

I am tower at the moment at KORD. I’ll PM you once I close, as I’m recording the session

Someone named mkwiecek.

Yes this person. I am so smart…

Is this incident solved?

Will be once I close via PM

Will the ghosting be reversed?

We shall see

Ghostings and weather or not they’re reversed are considered a private matter

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Please continue via PM.