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I would like to request that Ghosting or Report related posts have there very own topic.

This would de-clutter the Support Topic (which I feel has been seeing more and more traffic lately), and keep the focus towards the technical side between man and machine.
Reports and Ghosts are more ATC vs Pilot, and seam to me to be a different subject (or Topic… if you will).


I disagree - partially because there isn’t any need for ghosting or report related topics, its just the fact that people aren’t contacting the controller responsible and maybe we just need to have an advisory topic for that.

People shouldn’t need to make a post, or a topic about ghosts/reports period.


I loved it to #meta as this belongs in the community. As for topics, we have #atc that is perfect for these type of posts. No need for a whole new one. :)

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#meta is more about the actual forum itself. About the Meta Category

I agree with you there - the theory behind my original request was to move those inevitable posts to their own place to be more easily kept out of the way

Yeah. That’s exactly what this is.

We will keep an eye on it and will make adjustments as needed. Majority of the report threads are converted to a pm that most do not see. The rest are closed as the controller gets involved in a pm.

Ideally the initial communication should be between the pilot and controller first. Most of the posts are people looking for the controller.


You misspelled “moved” as “loved” I was confused. I thought u ment that those reports/ghosts should be posted there.

It usually occurs when people can’t find the controller. You should just PM the controller unless you can’t find them.

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