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I really think the report button should come back on Expert Server!
More and more I see pilots be unprofessional on Expert, such as cutting in line on take off, landing on the wrong runway and wrong Flight Levels!

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It is still there, you just need to be a moderator or a very trustworthy person (or IFATC on frequency) to have it. Also, reporting for wrong flight levels seems too extreme, because Expert is about respect, not ultra realism


To add on to this, the semi-circular “rule” is not actually a rule IRL. It is a suggestion. Also, some countries, like France, often use a North/South version, apposed to East/West.
Either way, you can’t go around reporting people for something as small as wrong flight level. You don’t know what’s going on on their aircraft. They could have had to stop climb/descent for something; you don’t know.

Yes, and we should also be professional by not reporting people immediately for a small mistake.

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This is definitely a thing that you should never report for.

There is a reason why this button is only active for just a few people.


You don’t know if they got bad internet connection etc… It’s toooo extreme to report them for that reason.

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My only suggestion for the report button would be have it there like it was and if multiple people report the person it flags them for a moderator to assess the situation as if they have been reported by multiple people within say 60 seconds then there is probably an issue worth checking

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Only IFATCs can report users when control an airport or airspace. And as staffs said before only staffs, moderators and a selected trusted group of people can report a user when they are flying.

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This don’t work for 2 reasons:

  • I believe moderators don’t have time to spawn and check flags from the app itself too.
  • When they would actually spawn they didn’t see what happened before so they would have to trust guys that flag and people flagging can abuse of it.

None of the things you describe here are reportable. There is no right/wrong runway without ATC.

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Ok what if instead of a report button in the usual sense if multiple people report an offender in a a short time it temporarily renders them invisible to pilots not actually ghosting them and leaving a mark on their record but just hiding them giving you time to take off and leave the troll behind (not on expert as ifatc can actually ghost people when needed)

If you really want this to work for more people, feel free to vote:

Way ahead of ya there👍

I do agree with you, but some people might abuse this though

Thats why i was thinking that multiple pilots had to press within a short period as if it requires multiple people to activate its less abuse able to a degree
(unless people start trolling in herds lmao)

At the moment only IFATC supervisors (mod and staff too) can report people.

They are at the highest rank possible in IFATC and they gained a lot of experience with judging what is reportable or not, if you want you can apply to IFATC and with a lot of effort and time try to become one.

In my opinion the less people can report the better.

Just wanna share that sadly this is usually true in real life too.
When I was a kid taking my flight lessons at WIHP military there’s a section there for civilians…
y’all should’ve seen it to believe it every time tower closes at 17:00 and all the snotty gliders sleep in their hangars, all hell broke loose in powered flight. All sorts of experimental planes landing and taking off overlapping each other lol!

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