Report Button Revamp

So I have just thought of a good idea! I see a lot of people are frustrated with inexperienced pilots on the expert server. Trust me I had my fair shares of it to. It is annoying because we can’t even report them and it ruins the fun. So I have thought of a new way for the report button to work.

So basically, in the expert server, you will be able to report people with the button used before. Instead of kicking or violating or whatever to the person you reported, it will be sent to an Infinite Flight higher up and they can review the replay and violate the pilot. If a pilot spams the report button on another pilot or just reports multiple people for no reason, then that pilot may lose the privilege to report someone. The only thing is, is that if you are going to report someone, an IFC account must be linked so mods can contact you.

Hopefully this makes sense. If you like this idea, please vote for it as this is my first topic in #features! If this is a duplicate please close but I looked and I didn’t see any like this. Hope this gets put into the game soon, and ends our frustration!

This actually makes sense

It could be abused though 🤔

Hypothetically speaking, if this report feature comes into the game and starts to become abused, is there a way to fix the abuse of this report feature?

That is why moderators have to approve the report and if they keep on spamming it on multiple offenses they can be banned from reporting.

If we need to approve every report, wouldn’t it just be more simple to just do what the procedure is now and report incidents as they’re happening to the mod group? Saves a lot of time, plus having everyone push that button on every grievance that happens on expert server would be a lot for us to review


I’ve reported an incident one time to a mod and they could do nothing about it that’s why I made this. @Drummer

Did you report it as it was happening or after the fact?

While it was happening now it’s been about a month ago but I did it while it was happening @Drummer

I’m currently discussing things internally on how we can solve this issue without opening up a mass reporting feature


Sounds good!

What about a “warn” button. Does nothing in terms of flagging it to mods, but it sends a message to the offending pilot. You’d provide a reason for the warn like IFATC/mods do now for reports, and it would pop up with one of tge amber warnings on screen basically saying “don’t do that” and a prompt to see the user guide.

• ES only
• You can only send 1 warn per session (or per time frame to stop people spawning and respawning on ground and mass warning?)
• Does not affect any grade parameters. Literally does nothing other than send a message.


This would’ve been useful today for me

Whatever the devs come up with/decide on will probably be the best option. This simulator’s audience is primarily children/teenagers, so any report button would be used and abused unfortunately.

Heck, I’ve had the simulator for 6 years and I started when I was 15.

I was thinking the same thing about it I’m voting!

Had a guy taxi 30 knots through me on expert server today with IFATC present and no report

For the sake of abusing users, IF can always penalized these types of users for abusing the report system.

Not really if IF decides to penalize abusers

I like the idea! Voted

Keeping track of that though takes time, and reviewing each report takes a lot of time. I think its best the way it is.