Report bug

I have a bug related to the reports/ghosts. I am Grade 3, so I am able to fly at Expert Server, but when I appear at an airport, the game tells me I have too many reports and I can’t fly in the Expert Server. Please need help

Could you please send a screenshot of your grade table?

Ok, I will do it now

When was your last report?

It was last wednesday

You probably have too many ghosts in the last 12-24 months. What is your Callsign?

Currently Air Force 2674

When was your first report, and how many total have you had?

My first report was May 2018 (i think)

And I have a total of 5

Okay, so you have 5 ghosts which is restricting your access. You will be able to get back on the Expert Server in May.

So, why I can be grade 3??

You can still be a Grade 3 with 5 ghosts however with 5 ghosts in the last 12-24 months this causes the enforcement of restriction from the Expert Server.

OMG nooo! I am still angry with that IFATC that reported me for going around… and the other one that he had a wifi problem and reported me 😡😡

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Continuing in a PM. No need to be angry at IFATC. 4 ghosts were for not following the Flight Plan or ATIS which is important for everyone to have a good experience :)