Report because of excessive speed ?

Hello guys!
I have just flown on Expert Server. I was in a fighter jet and I departed from SBGR Sao Paolo. The tower and Departure gave me the frequency changed approval. When I was like 3min away from SBGR, I was flying like 800 knts and got reported because of excessive speed ? I mean I haven‘t done any aerobatic maneuver, and I mean if you take a jet you want fly fast and have a bit fun or not?
My display name: German Pilot
Callsign: Air Force 669
I got ghosted by IFATC Prasoon S

Even though you technically don’t get violated for it, you still have to follow commercial aircraft laws under 10k. You have to be under 250 KTS. Sucks to hear you got ghosted though 😕

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But I was at 16k ?

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Hi WoT_Replays,

If you want to discuss the report further. Your best bet is to message @Prasoon_S


I guess you were too close to the vicinity of the airport? And sorry I didn’t read that you were over 10k

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Although you have been cleared to change frequency to no frequency. You are still in an active airspace where 250kt under FL100

So I actually don’t know why, you should contact a mod or the person who ghosted you

Your transition altitude where approach no longer has control is around 18000 feet. Next time I recommend doing a unrestricted climb to get above 18000 and then you can speed all you want.


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This applies;