Report back to grade 2

There is no way to get rid of 1 report right? I was about to participate in the Boston fly out but I have no clue what report I got but can’t join the expert server now

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Reports will only affect your grade for a week. Once a week has passed, you’ll be allowed on expert again.

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Ah okay that’s messed lol now I can’t participate

It happened to me as well. I can’t make it to a few events.

Yea and the worst part is that I don’t even know where the report came from

Can we see your grade table?
And also, look into your logbook to find the controller who reported you.

Sure gimme a sec

It’s a controller who reported me?

Yes, it would have been.

Will check that in a sec then

Looks like you were ghosted recently, check who the controler is who ghosted you

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Check your logbook for who the controller was who reported you. Check your replay and see what u did wrong. If it was a mistake on the controllers part, contact them by DM and be polite. Explain your issue and it will be dealt with in a professional manner.


If you have trouble finding the controller, you are able to find a link to his IFC page, by using this website to find his in-game callsign.

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Thank u guys! Will do

@Liam_Kirk was your controller. Please reach out to him to inquire about your ghosting. Thanks.