Report Atc

They should make a report button for Pilots having to complain that ATC are doing something wrong Who Agrees?


Me neither… NEXT… Max Sends


I don’t think good ATC would mess you up intentionally. But some places where you feel you been let down. For ex. Approach vectoring you for so long then suddenly disappear. To those ATC’s who read this forum, if you gonna quit becouse something came-up or you don’t know what to do, just simply broadcast message and leave.(facility closing in 1min) so the pilot get on with his VFR what not and find the airport.

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We had this once and it was abused I don’t see it coming back

Honestly, ATC in playground are allowed to do whatever the heck they want. They are only learning and it is called “Playground” (A place where people can play) so even if it may be an asshole move, they can technically so it.

In ATC Advanced, all the controllers are screened so thry are top notch, knowledgable and experienced controllers. Wouldn’t see any reason to report these guys.

And in some situations when you may think that the ATC is at fault, it may be (And usually is) the pilot at fault.

No, the misuse would be so damn high!

The playground has ruled to Boeing don’t give people the wrong idea.

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Topic has been covered many times before