Report atc

A couple days ago, on training server EGLL tower, they wouldn’t respond to anyone. If this happens again, how do I report atc?

Since it’s training server there’s not a whole lot you can do. If you happen to find a IFC account to the controller then you could PM them and ask what happened. Or join the expert server so none of that would happen!

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Nothing unfortunately. That’s TS for you.

Ok. im guessing TS is training server

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that is correct TS is training server. if you want more professional ATC go to expert server

Just keep in mind though they will be kicked eventually from inactivity and not sending a message. If you want quality ATC I would fly on Expert Server, which has qualified and tested ATC.

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Id love to, but don’t I need more landings?

To get more landings a suggestion is to fly some patterns around airports and do touch and goes in a fast plane like the f-22

Ok thanks you

Yeah that is unfortunate but at the same time, if that happened to me I would rework a fpl so that I don’t bomb rush the runway. Maybe this will help you get rid of steep turns