Report ATC controllers

There needs to be an option to report ATC controllers if that makes sense, because there are some controllers that don’t know how to control and start to mess everything, they don’t even reply to the option that you’re requesting.

Sometimes I Contact departure and request flight following or frequency change while heading 119 East to Abu Dhabi, then the controller reply with do a left 360 or something else that is unnecessary.

This is the TS, sadly that’s what we must put up with. As controllers on the TS are not trained, we must put up with this. Come to the ES, that will fix all your problems.


This is likely because you’re flying on the training server. Here, reports don’t count towards pilots, so they really shouldn’t count towards ATC either. If you fly in Expert, you’re more likely to have a much better ATC experience, because all controllers there are put through an extensive testing process to ensure quality.


I agree with @GhostCustoms, there should be an option to report controllers on the TS. The ES doesn’t have that problem though.

Work you’re way up to grade 3, and if you already are just fly on the Expert server. You won’t have to worry about about ATC quality on the ES. 😊


But still, read what @DiamondGaming4 has said.

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It’s called Training Server for a reason. It’s a place where both pilots and controllers can do training to get fit for Expert. Of course, you’ll always have some people who’ll abuse that environment by trolling, that’s a sad fact. But there are also controllers who take it serious so they can become better. One makes mistakes during training, that’s just natural.

No Expert Server rules are enforced on Training Server (except for the standard violations like overspeed and some extraordinary cases). That’s for both pilots and controllers. Fly, land, train and get XP, flight time and landings. You’ll be on Expert Server in no time where you’ll get to enjoy ATC services by our highly trained IFATC team! 😊