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So i wa son my approach to Los Angelas International Airport and I was on Socal Aproach and the atc for the approach said due to the heavy traffic of the airport LAX is not excepting incoming flights at this time. So i went ahead and counted all the playes there and there was only 5. It was on the atc playground. But anyways i went ahead and and landed because i didnt have time. So could you add some kind of button to report an atc. But the downside is that it will probably be abused.


The Saga Continues!

If the airport isn’t accepting incoming flights, it’s not accepting incoming flights! If anything, you would’ve been ghosted for not following orders.


Time to divert!

Go to Long Beach, Ontario, J Wayne, Burbank or Van Nuys. It won’t take long to get there. Landing against ATC directions is a no-no, regardless of whether or not it appears that they have a light load. You don’t know!. Maybe they spilled coffee on the ATC display or the radar bearing seized. Whatever, divert.

If you’re in an A380, to Edwards for you (just kidding).

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True enough. As a budding ATC controller, I have ZERO patience for anyone who can’t follow my orders.

It may be possible that you had traffic visibility on low settings, or something else must have happened for ATC to declare no inbounds. Either way. YOU MUST OBEY ATC at all times!

I just got off duty from San Clemente after ten minutes, due to the lack of people even listening to me. Some idiot in a Cessna Citrogen X was doing 330 knot passes over the runway and trolling through planes for no apparent reason. Even a F-14 was randomly landing on the runway against incoming traffic, even having the gall to ask me for takeoff, despite my repeated orders of denial to takeoff or enter the runway.

Long story short, listen to ATC. It’ll make things easier in the long run.

P.S: ATC needs a form of control on the Playground! Put a send-back-to-parking switch right on the board. That’ll teach the rogues quickly enough…


Return to parking isn’t going to help anything if they don’t want to listen they aren’t going to. There needs to be some kind of penalty on the playground I’ve found you can’t even report people from atc on the playground we don’t need the power of ghosting but we should be able to report that user.

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I wouldnt waste my time listing to his unexperienced BS

I went on to the map and counted there was 5 or 4 planes to bad lax in real lifes has 100s of planes

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Seriously? That’s a stereotype…And a bad one at that.
Just because he has a name related to Islam does not in any way mean he has intenions of terrorism!
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Im sorry…

Then It’s okay… We all make mistakes! Well done for having the courage and decency to apologise :)

So I just got off a Tower shift at KPSP on the playground not too long ago and I had a revelation. If the controller was in charge of people who were very demanding and who didn’t follow instructions, then it will definitely be more difficult for them to properly handle regular traffic. I had about 6-7 players on my freq. and just 1 or 2 who needed extra guidance following instructions. But just those couple made it more difficult to properly and realistically handle the rest of the traffic. I made a couple mistakes (similar to the one you experienced) and had to apologize once I got the others under control. Now I’m not sure how many times the controller told you that the airways were closed, but if it was a one time thing, then it’s probably a scenario like the one I described. If it was more than once, then refer to @StikLover2 's comment. Good luck!

Find an old thread @planemadblog 😂