Report appeal

Dear IF,

Id like to appeal being reported today. I was reported 2 hours ago by IFAEGAF IFATC Darius for ‘Entered runway without permission’.

Im 100 percent sure I did no enter the runway 09L at KPHL without permission. As Tower cleared me and I responded as always. Right during take off when I got the report I took a screenshot. Please have a look at it attached.

I rewathed the video recording and it is very clear on that too.

Please revise my report,
Thank you,
Balazs Simon

contact @Darius_Glover via PM to get things sorted out :)

You should be ok, but just talk to him. We very rarely appel to the report though.

This is why some IFATC need to watch what their doing, these kinds of things start to get really irritating.

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