Report Amounts

Hi all,

I have a question that I think quite a few people share. Why is it that in order to advance to expert server, you cannot have a single report? IMHO, I think IF should let users have a limit of 1-2 reports before you have to wait a week before trying again. What do you all think?

The current system works just fine. Ghosting should be a learning tool, and you’re more likely to be more careful after serving a week per ghost.


You should never be reported ever. It’s not a normal thing that happens to someone. I personally have never been reported and I’ve been flying for 2 years+.

You need to learn from each one if it happens so it never happens again.


Then you contact the controller to appeal. 100% of incorrect ghostings are reversed after an appeal.

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If you were ghosted incorrectly and can prove that you were, your ghost will be reversed.


We already have a private message on this topic. No need for multiple posts.

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Being handled in a PM.