Report alors qu’il m’est impossible de contacter la tour


Aujourd’hui lors d’un vol, on m’informe que je suis dans l’espace aérien et me demande de contacter la tour, cependant je n’ai personne de connecté sur la tour. J’annonce mon atterrissage et commence ma descente… et avant d’atterrir je prend un report pour cause procédure d’atterrissage incorrecte.

Quelqu’un pourrait m’aider, sachant que je n’ai aucune idée de comment contacter la personne qui m’a mis le report.

Merci d’avance

@Flo_Rauslg I believe this one is for you.



hello, you asked me several times to contact the tower at 122.50. however impossible to have someone active, so I launched the procedure without someone there to authorize it. can you change your report, or is my flight bad? thank you in advance

Hi Julien,
I‘m sorry but I don’t speak France.

I ghosted you for second reason.
1st you didn’t response to my ‚on guards‘ to contact me on tower. However as you see I let you continue in case you could not switch on my frequency.

2nd You didn’t check your surrounding. All traffic used rwy 25L and R since I opened. When you were 50nm out you‘re able to see others inbound on 25s and take off. You received my on guards, so you could assume that 25 is active.

Excuse me but also if you’re unable to contact tower, you should be able to follow traffic flow and don’t fly against all others til 4nm on short final when I had to ghost you.

Kind regards

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@Flo_Rauslg it seemed to me to land in the right direction of the runway because the other users took off in the same direction. Sens runway 7R - 25L. and as you told me, you cannot reach an operator. can you make an exceptional gesture? good to you

I’ll show you some screenshots of the replay:
1st) when you were 20nm out…

United 5403 did patterns already three times in the same direction rwy 25R and KR4 just take off 25R

2nd) when you turned on final…
Zulu79 on final 25L and United 5403 still on right downwind 25R with Thai 78 following as No 2.

3rd) you an short final 30 seconds before ghosting
Zulu79 on final, United turns on final and Thai on downwind and hey all on 25.

YOU received ON GUARDS. You know tower is in place, with and without contact to tower YOU are clearly flying against ALL others. Also with unicom in place YOU were wrong, NOT the others.
YOU are inbound with traffic in place. YOU have to orient on exciting traffic like United doing pattern work. Traffic direction is obviously visible.

For me discussion ends at this point. You had chance to correct your inbounds over 10 minutes. Furthermore I‘m not able to reverse ghosts. You would need to contact a moderator.


@Flo_Rauslg it’s clearer for me. thank you for explaining to me. see you soon