!Report airport in sight!

Yesterday I was flying over the city of tokyo (expert server) when I heard the ATC (approach) give me the indication “report airport in sight”, I had never heard this indication and I did not know how to respond to it, so I received a level two report and was expelled from the server (an 11-hour flight)

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They are just making sure that you can see the airport during a visual approach. Just report airport in sight. And welcome to the community.

Welcome to the Community!

We will tell you to “report airport in sight” whenever you request (and we grant) - or we give you a visual approach to the airport.


Click the “Report airport in sight button”

Hello and welcome to the community!

This has to do with the approach type requested. So in your case, you probably requested a Visual approach?

I’ll leave a Link here:How to request your inbound that helps explain some of that along with the User Guide that will help clear things up.

Additionally, if you feel the violation was not fair, feel free to contact @appeals to have them take a look!


When you see the airport click the button

ATC uses this command when you are flying a visual approach to any airport. You respond by tapping “Report airport in sight” where ATC has now handed you off on your own to land visually. In the user manual/guide, there is a section dedicated to visual approaches as @BennyBoy_Alpha and @RickG have attached in their replies.


@john_frank @American367

I’ll just point out that if you say “Report Airport In Sight” when you aren’t on a visual approach - we will simply tell you to “check the User Guide”.

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Wait but what is approach does not tell you to change frequencies

If you get to around 4-5NM from the RWY - just request frequency change - sometimes we forget if its busy. However NEVER just switch frequency without permission.

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People always change frequency without permission on the TS

That’s Training Server in a nutshell…


Also idk what a nuatical mile (NM) is

In simple terms - about half way along the cone.

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In basic terms, when you request a visual approach, ATC must confirm that the pilot has the airport in sight before clearing them for the approach. So the command “report airport in sight”, and the pilots response “airport in sight”, signifies the minimum requirements for the approach have been met (pilot has visual of the airport) and thus ATC can clear them for that approach.

It’s simple as it sounds, report airport in sight once you see it!


Fellas, the question was answered many replies ago. No need to keep beating the answer to death by repeating it. It doesn’t make you cooler.