Report a ATC

I’m sorry I know this probably the incorrect area to post this. Am I able to report a ATC controller on a grade 2 IOS server.

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Unfortunately you can’t report people on Training Server, I know it can be really annoying sometimes. Nothing you can do

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Hey mate!

If the controller is causing issues, feel free to reach out to @moderators. However, if it is something minor, let it slide. After all, the Training Server is a place for both pilots and controllers to learn. 🙂

Have a great day/night!


Hi all.
It began as a minor thing, but it was the repeat on guard messages that I received at the gate from Tower (it was around 44 on guard messages).

I have their @. I’ll just keep a look out for now. If I run into them again, and their behaviour is the same then I probably will take it to the moderators.

Thanks both for your information.

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Before doing anything else about it, PM the controller to clear any doubts

I am afraid nothing can be done on training server. It even happened to me several times. In IF only expert server is moderated. The better idea is come onto expert server and you would have a better flying experience


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