Replying with icon

Hello, I was curious as to how people reply with the little icon pointing towards their name.
10 PM
I thought you do that by hitting reply that is in the picture above but it never works for me any ideas?
Thanks for the help.

Yeah that’s what I do.

When I do that it doesn’t show up? Probably like this one won’t.

Maybe this time it will work

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Yeah I see, haven’t really worried about it much personally. Maybe someone else knows.

It worked!!

Ok I have it working half of the time

It usually shows up when you replied a comment that is 2 comments (or more) above/before yours. I don’t know the best phrase to describe it though, but hopefully you’ll get the meaning 😊


I think I get it! 20

Yes I think that’s how it works thank you!!

Be sure to press the reply button on that post and not the reply button at the bottom.

Reply to the post will identify who you replied to.

Replying to the thread (at the bottom) will not.

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Yes I know it was just confusing when I would not get the icon so I didn’t know but @George figured it out for me.

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