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I couldn’t really find a post related to this, but it seems like I can’t reply specifically to other people’s comments. If you noticed, I don’t reply to the person but I reply to the post itself. The arrow and profile pic icon doesn’t appear on my post. If you understand what I mean, please leave your thoughts or suggestions!!


Printscreen would be great, and have you tried different browsers?

Something like this (purely for example, the names and posts don’t matter)

Notice how there’s this logo:
But when I tried to reply to this reply:

Just look at the top post; when I was replying it looked like this:

But it’s not directed at you…

I see, but here’s the thing.

That “icon” that you claim you are missing, are in fact there because that post was a reply to someone elses post.
When you want to reply to someones post, you press the icon that contains only the arrow.

Do you understand what i mean? :)

But that’s what I’m doing…

Oh, but it doesn’t show for you. Just other people reading it.


Ohhhhhh, that explains it. However this can be inconvenient if you wanna know what post you’re replying to :/

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When you end up replying to yourself, just click on the reply arrow on the correct post and it’ll change from replying to yourself to replying to that person

It only shows that icon if you are replying to someone who has replied to the topic earlier than the last reply.


Oh that explains it… Thanks Carson!!

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Yea if that makes any sense, I know it sounds confusing, but it’s really not.

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Yeah I wish it always showed it.

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