Replying to a #Support Post

Don’t Be That Guy.

I’ve seen this numerous times as of late. When somebody creates a thread that has to do with a glitch that they have found / experienced, I almost guarantee that there will be a comment in there saying
“known issue wil be reslvd”.
Not only does this not help the OP, it doesn’t prove anything. You are not providing evidence. Almost every time someone says this, they are wrong.

For #support issues, don’t repeat what has already been said. In most support topics, there is 10+ messages saying the same thing. If you’re not the first to post, don’t post. If you already have, you can delete your posts for a reason.

The whole point of responding to a support topic is to help the person having difficulties, not gain a check mark for your profile.

Be sure that you absolutely know before you post. If you aren’t sure you’re correct, don’t say anything. Let somebody that does know the answer help out the OP. Keep in mind the higher your TL, the more trusted you are on the community. If you are constantly posting useless messages you wont move up the ranks. You’d be more than likely to get a warning from a moderator.

When Replying to Someone…

  • Provide evidence to support what you are saying!
  • Proof read your message. Make sure that it makes sense, and fix any spelling and grammar errors.
  • Make sure nobody else has already suggested what you are about to. You are not helping in any way when you’re the 5th person to reply saying the same thing.

What Your Reply Should Look Like:

Lets use this topic as our first example:

The topic is straight to the point and gives enough information to solve the issue. All of this is up to the OP to do.
Now that the OP has done everything required of them, it us up to us to help them.
This is what your reply should look like:

(Click on the link to view the image and links that Nathan provided.)

Nathan’s response is straight to the point, provides sufficient evidence to back up what he has said and provides the answer to the OP’s concerns (Will come out when the next scenery push occurs). It is easy to understand and provides the information that the OP was looking for. He has no grammar or spelling issues either.

For our second example:

This time the OP didn’t give us as much information as we might need (It isn’t their fault, that is everything the OP knows). Instead of spurting out single things that they could try, compile it all into one message. This will save everybody a ton of time, and will most likely pinpoint and solve the issue.
What your reply should look like:

For this kind of issue you don’t need a picture. Links to similar posts may prove useful though.

Tyler has compiled all of his possible solutions to the issue into a single post, making it easier for everyone. He goes through each possibility, telling us how to check ___ etc. He also provides a link that leads to other possible solutions listed in similar topics. Everything is kept simple and easy for the OP to understand.

For our final example:

The OP has provided sufficient information on how to find it, location etc. He has done his job almost perfectly.
What your reply should look like:

This is a little different because it was directed towards a group (IFAE). Nathan provides an in-depth answer (The entire airport has been redone for the upcoming Global Update) and provides a picture of the redone area the OP was questioning. He also includes the time to expect the changes so that the OP has nothing to worry about. This was handled perfectly, including the subtle reminders to search before you post (the issue was brought up previously several times).

What Your Reply Shouldn’t Look Like:

I don’t want to point anybody out, but you know who you are.
"known isue will B reslvd".

Unless you are a moderator / staff member, or you are part of the group that the issue is directed at (IFATC or IFAE for example), you should not be saying this without providing evidence that it is known. Saying this does not answer the OP’s question (99% of the time), and is completely useless.

If you are 100% positive this is a known issue, provide a link to the place of which it was stated.


Your right, honestly, thank you so much for this!


Give the man a 👏. Well done! I always feel like everyone is always in a race to reply, naturally. OP is rarely in a hurry.


My god…thank you for this.

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Thanks everyone for the kind words! I wrote this because I felt it needed to be brought up, and I’m glad you all agree.

So very very true. They are the exact same posts. There really only needs to be one

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Well said, Etrain. Another thing that has always bothered me is people asking for the solution check. That is just a flat out a** move. The whole point of responding to a support topic is to help the person having difficulties, not gain a check mark for your profile.

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Read this too please:


I added that. Thanks for the input.

@Maxmustang give this guy a BZ! This is what support on #support truly stands for.


I’m glad that this was finally addressed! I’ve seen countless users post the exact same things on multiple #support topics.

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@Etrain. MaxSez: Well thought out and structured support request guidence. Time, effort and expertise noted, Should be posted as a Support Feature Header! Well Done Catman. Have a “BZ” …



Thought I’d bump this up again as it seems this has started to occur again.
Read it!
You will become a much better community member if you just read the post.


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