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Platform: Discourse app on iOS
In topics such as the “guess airline and aircraft” is it very usefull to see the replied to sign to track who is talking to who. However, most of the time even though you press reply, there is no sign.

The replied to sign is usually in the top right corner of each post followed by an arrow.
This is not showing


When you want to reply to something, you need to click the arrow at the bottom right of the post that says reply. If you type the arrow that says reply next to it at the bottom, it will not have the reply symbol when you publish your comment.

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Yes i know, but this is a glitch

That is because the person/post you are replying to was the previous post. They will still get the notification.

If the post you are replying to was not the last post in the thread, that picture with the arrow will appear.

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Thankyou! This helped fox it

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I am replying to @BigBert10’s post and your’s is in between this reply and his. It should show up now.

Glad you figured it out @Delta350. 😉

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Oh my God, @Brent_A.

At first, I didn’t understand it at all and then I realized that it was an example.



I am replying to @Brent_A’s post and he will get the notification, but that profile picture and the arrow wouldn’t show up because there is no post in between.

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This is just a test (ignore)

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Thanks! Mods you can close

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