Reply button (not working?)


I’ve been replying to a couple topics, but when I hit the reply button and post, it doesn’t show in the top right corner of the post who I replied to. Was this part of the Discourse update?


Sometimes it just happens.🤷‍♂️


Have a good WiFi connection?

No, it hasn’t happened for the last month or two. I have strong WiFi.

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Hmm, are you using mobile?

I’ve never had problems here but sometimes it happens and other places this is usually your network or forum server

I speak this as a person of the area I am graduating in Computer science

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Yes, but it also doesn’t work on iPad. What I’m trying to determine here is whether this happens to you.

Same thing happen to me. Maybe it’s discourse idea.

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I’m not having the issue, just checked as I was sending the message

Your device may have worn out internally

I don’t see why that would be?

Ooh. It shows when someone replies to me, but not when I reply to someone like it used to!

This might be why.


Thanks, most likely the case😁

So, I am repling to older post which may show, I think.

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Yeah, I can see a reply logo for the older posts, but not the new one😁

If you reply to the latest post, it will not say who because it was next post. It will only show who you replied if it is not latest post.

Hope this understanding.


I think I expressed myself a little badly sorry for that more older devices face more problems with respect to the connection due to the wear of the transmitting antennas

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I have had similar issues with that when I attempt to use my iPad air which has a bad battery, laggy af, and living on the edge for the past 4 years. At least I know the issue (typed on an Ipad pro 10.5)

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I had problems related to this in my device prior to this

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