'Reply' button not working on Safari (iPad Air 2)

Continuing the discussion from Icon issue:

I’ve been trying to reply to the post re:new Beta group, and every time I tap ‘Reply’ - if I"m using this forum through Safari on iPad, - it doesn’t seem to process the action properly. The post stays in ‘preview’ mode, rather than submitting the reply and refreshing the page to show it. (The message itself isn’t posted either). I’ve attempted this about three-four times, with no success.

Logging in through Chrome on a computer doesn’t come up with this problem.

Is it just something on my end, - or perhaps related to the stylesheets part of discussion in the ‘Icon issue’ thread?

Is this still happening? It did a little while ago but got fixed (and I don’t see the issue anymore here). There seem to be intermittent issues with the Discourse host; they are looking into it.

Trying to post this reply from Safari, - if it goes through I guess it’s fixed :)