Replies without notification

It seems that when my posts get a reply, I don’t get a notification. Anyone else having this issue?


Me. Also likes on my posts have been an issue.


Same here, even when MishaCamp tagged me in a post earlier it didn’t notify me. It might be a bug from the forum update earlier


Me four. No notifications at all except for likes.


check your settings go to preference so scroll down and you will find something that says notify when
Iiked and set it to always, if it already is set to that then I’m not sure .On terms of replys not showing up I’m not sure I’ll look into it @Kevin

Hope a tag or a reply works since you guys say it hasn’t lol

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Were you guys getting this before the tier change?


The only thing I found in setting related to this by scanning preferences quicked is make sure you don’t have that person muted or else notifications from them don’t come in, other than that I have no idea so I’ll let the gods of the forum take it from here if you are having problems with like notification check my comment to Kevin above for a possible solution (when you first get a forum acc lie notifactions I’m almost sure is not set to always so that’s why I mention it)

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I got yours, thank you. This happens periodically but very randomly also;)

I’ve got the same issue.

I alerted Discourse and Philippe guys. Hang tight.


Nope not at all did not

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Yeah something is up with reply notifications I didn’t get this one lol got here because of the like notification lol

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Yep. Getting the same issue.

I’m on chrome.


yea same
im on watching mode on the alpha testers tracking thread but i get no notifications but there were a bunch of replies

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Same happening here it’s driving me crazy

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I’m getting this issue too… I’m also not seeing all the poster profile pictures on threads :/

So am I… aarghhhhhh

This is really annoying.


Having this issue too. It’s quite annoying.

Really annoying I’ve received 4 pms and I’m answering 12h later…